Condo, Apartment And Townhouse Values Jumping At More Than Twice The Rate Of Detached Homes

By Realty Times Columnist Kenneth R. Harney

Condos are one of the fastest-appreciating form of real estate invesement in the United States today. Many retirees and empty-nesters are buying a luxury condo after downsizing and selling the family home, so the demand for condominiums is on the rise.  Sellers walk away with solid equity gains, and many of them take those dollars and purchase a higher-cost detached home or townhouse.  This moves the housing cycle along and translates into more sales, profits, and higher-cost segments in the marketplace.

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Marriage Presents Real Estate Investment Opportunity

By Realty Times Staff Writer, M. Anthony Carr

In general, an average home owner will sell their home and never have to pay capital gains taxes on it.  If you own a property and are considering marriage, you’ll probably want to decide what the best option is for you:  should you sell and buy a new home or should you keep this property to rent out?

With the idea that real estate is an extremely smart investment, you could keep the current home or condo you own and rent it out.  You’ll be able to take a lot of deductions because it’s a rental that you wouldn’t be able to take on your primary residence.

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A Quick Look at Atlantic City

Atlantic City: Under the Boardwalk ..
by Courtney Ronan

Are you a people-watcher?  A great place to do that is in Atlantic City.  Here, people come to take a chance on luck, to enjoy great entertainment, or to take a stroll on the legendary boardwalk.   And although gambling is the mainstay for Atlantic City, the city itself is working at reshaping its identity.  There’s a new revitalization going on in some of its older neighborhoods, and the goal is to create a city resembling your every day hometown.

However, the element that brings over 35 million tourists to Atlantic City every year is the casinos.  It’s one of the most frequently visited destinations in the United States today, and many people stop for a visit on their way to or from someplace else.

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