Developers (and Buyers) Are All In for the Second-Home Market

By NY Times Columnist By Louise Tutelian

Many developers are attracted to the possibilities of Atlantic City for growth, and it’s a city where both the sea and the beach abound.  Many other shore towns’ markets are tapped out, and this makes Atlantic City a great potential for real estate appreciation.

Currently, Atlantic City boasts over 1,500 luxury housing units with more being built all the time.  High-end retailers have moved in, headliners come to entertain, and fine dining establishments are the main-stay.  As the commercial end grows, condos are following suit.

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10 Ways To Get Your Price

By Realty Times Columnist M. Anthony Carr

Thinking outside the box to attract buyers is the smart thing to do when you’re selling your home.  Get creative in order to get your home sold and at or close to your asking price. 

For instance, do you have any unfinished space in your home that could be made into a rec room?  This adds more usable space to your home and makes it even more attractive to the buyer.  Buyers love lots of living space, and adding a rec room is the perfect addition to creating that feeling.

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Condos Make Great Investments

According to the National Association of REALTORS, the price of condominiums have risen 23% and at an annual rate of 5.1%.  If that kind of appreciation is important to you when you’re purchasing a home, consider buying a condo.  During the first three quarters of 2001, the price for a condo rose at a quarterly percentage rate of 8.7.  Compare that to the single-family home appreciation rate of 5.6%.

Condo sales have a lower cost and therefore, they have a lower risk.  Even if the economy slows, the lower rate of condos make them an attractive sale.