Jersey Shore Home Selling Strategies

Selling a Jersey Shore home takes more than sticking a “for sale” sign up in your front yard. Hiring a good Jersey Shore REALTOR@ is very important. But there are a few Jersey Shore home selling strategies that you can utilize to make your home sale run smoothly.

Utilize these simple Jersey Shore Home Selling Strategies to ensure that your home sells for as much as possible in as short a time frame as possible.

Jersey Shore Home Selling Strategies


Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreFirst, when selling your Jersey Shore home, it’s important to list it at the right price. Over-pricing increases your chances of it sitting on the market for longer than necessary. Talk to your REALTOR@ to find out how much other homes in your neighborhood sold for recently. Set your listing price competitively. Listing it for slightly below market price may bring in more Buyers. This could result in multiple offers. In turn, this may increase your final sale price. Discuss this with your Jersey Shore REALTOR@ to see if that’s a gamble worth taking.


Next, photos of your Jersey Shore home are great. Videos are better. Talk to your REALTOR@ about posting your listing on social media. See how you can help.


Finally, showcase the positives and minimize the negatives of your Jersey Shore home by staging it. Buyers need to see well-defined spaces. An empty home can actually feel smaller than it would if it had furniture in it. But too much furniture shrinks your space. Hire a pro if possible. Your REALTOR@ may have a contact or two for you to consider. If that’s not in the budget, clear out any clutter. Replace big bulky furniture with smaller pieces. Don’t be afraid to steal something from one room to put in another if it makes better sense. Concentrate on making the kitchen and living rooms the very best they can be.

Follow these simple Jersey Shore home selling strategies and your home will sell in no time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Simple Ways to Start Saving Money

Retirement.  Your child’s education.  A vacation.  The down payment on your next Jersey Shore Home.  What do these all have in common?  Money.  Most of the time, we need to save up for these.  But how do you get started?  I’ve got a few simple ways to start saving money that won’t leave you subsisting on a peanut butter and jelly every day (unless you like that sort of thing).

Saving money for your Jersey Shore home, retirement, vacation or anything else is easier than you think when you use my simple money-saving tips.

Simple Ways to Start Saving Money

Stash the “Extra”

What do I mean by “extra”?  When you receive a raise or bonus, put that extra money into a separate savings account.  Did you get a refund on your taxes?  Don’t spend it.  Save it.  Live within your means and all this becomes “extra”.  That’s just the first way you can start saving money.

Pay Yourself First

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreAnother simple way to start saving money is to pay yourself first.  Does your paycheck automatically get deposited into your bank account?  Talk to your employer about splitting it up into two different deposits.  Whether it’s just $25 a week or a percentage of your paycheck, have it deposited into a completely separate account from your regular checking.

Spare Change

Listen, we all end up with spare change at some point throughout our week.  Instead of letting it settle to the bottom of your purse or throwing it on the dresser, set it aside in a jar.  When the jar fills up, roll the change and deposit it into your savings account.  Helpful tip: roll the change yourself.  If you take it to an automatic coin machine (like Coin Star), they charge a fee.  Ask the teller for some coin wrappers next time you’re inside.  They’ll give them to you for free.

Set Up a Budget

No, this doesn’t sound like fun.  Yes, it can take some time at first.  But you’d be surprised exactly how much money you waste each month on unnecessary purchases.  Saving money gets easier when you know what’s coming in, what’s going out and where it’s going to.  Simply sit down and write out all your monthly expenses (mortgage, insurance, cell phone, utilities, etc).  Set a spending limit on things like entertainment, clothes, food.  Then, stick with it.  All the “extra” can then go into your savings account (see above).  Helpful tip: make a grocery list before you do your weekly shopping.  It cuts down on “impulse buys” and you’re less likely to forget something you actually needed.

Compounded Savings

Finally, here’s my last tip for saving money.  And it will only cost you $1 to start.  That’s right.  Set aside just $1 this week into a savings account, shoe box, pickle jar, whatever.  Then, next week, add $2.  For week three, you’ll add $3 to that.  On week four, you’ll add $4.  And so on and so on.  At the end of the year, when you’ve add the final $52 on week 52, you’ll have saved $1378!

Saving money doesn’t have to be scary.  In fact, once you see your savings account grow, it can become quite addictive.  You’ll start looking for as many ways as possible to add to that bottom line.  In no time at all, you’ll have that Jersey Shore down payment together.  Just be patient and consistent.  Slow and steady wins the race.

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For more information on this and other homes for sale on the Jersey Shore, please visit my Featured Listings page.

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Solar Tax Credit Has Been Extended To 2020

The Solar Tax Credit was initially supposed to end this year. However, it has been been extended for five more years until 2020. Take advantage now.There is good news for anyone that has wanted to start utilizing clean energy in their Jersey Shore home.  The solar tax credit has been extended to 2020.  That means that you have five more years to install solar panels and receive a credit for doing so on your taxes.

Solar Tax Credit

This is fantastic news for anyone living at the Jersey Shore.  That is because the tax credit was initially supposed to expire at the end of this year.  As you know, that is just three days away.  This extension also applies to wind power.  As you may remember, President Obama discussed drastically reducing our country’s dependence on fossil fuels.  The climate talks in Paris just a few weeks ago showed the negative effect our daily living has had on the global climate.  We need to be proactive in trying to slow down global warming as much as possible.  Solar and wind energy are somewhere near the top of that list.

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreThe solar tax credit will allow any homeowner who installs solar panels or home use wind turbines on their property can write off 30% of the cost of these devices on their taxes.  That amount doesn’t bring down your taxable income.  Instead, it is a direct discount on whatever taxes you may owe for that year.  Solar panels typically cost around $650 to $900 each.  The amount of panels you would use to take care of your home’s needs depends upon how much power your home typically consumes, how much sunlight you get on average in your area and what your goals are (ie, do you want to save as much money on energy costs as possible, do you want to just reduce your carbon footprint or would you like to maximize the return on your investment).

Changing over to renewable energy does so much more than give you a solar tax credit.  It will also increase the allure of your Jersey Shore home when it comes time to sell it in the future.  Steve Pope with has stated that you may see as much as a 13% increase in added value to your home when you “go green”.  There is also the fact that your energy costs plummet after you install solar panels on your home.

The solar tax credit makes it more affordable to install solar panels on your Jersey Shore home.  The added benefits of increasing your home’s value as well as substantially decreasing your energy costs are icing on the cake.  If you can’t handle the outright expense of installing solar panels, many solar companies have other options that make it a little easier on your pocketbook.  Contact them today to find out more.

Do you have solar panels on your Jersey Shore home?  Have you installed a wind turbine on your property?  How has this affected your energy costs?  Was it worth the expense?  Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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