The summer season is quickly approaching and with it all the seasonal tenants eager to start their stay at the shore. That means it’s also time for rental property landlords to begin preparing their properties to accommodate tenants. It’s important to make sure that everything in the property is in working order. Here’s what your preparation should include.


Deep Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service is absolutely necessary, but there are some things that these services occasionally overlook or don’t include. For example, ceiling fans and ceiling registers tend to be forgotten, even though they accumulate a ton of dust. You should also hire a service to clean the HVAC system at least once a year.

Prior to the professional cleaning, it is the landlord’s responsibility to remove all food items from the cabinets and fridge. Tenants do not want your used condiments!

Remove Personal Items

If you and your family sometimes stay at your rental property, remember it’s best to not keep any personal items there. If you do wish to leave personal items, such as clothes, toys, shampoo, etc., try to store them in a locked closet or storage area. Seasonal tenants are looking to stay in a clean and uncluttered vacation property, not your home away from home. They do not want to be surrounded by someone else’s personal items. This includes removing family photos.


While tenants do not want to see personal items, most are looking for a fully furnished home. Given how long seasonal tenants stay, they are not expecting to have to bring all of their own kitchen equipment, bedding, linens, etc. with them. Though some tenants will go so far as to bring their own mattress, it’s still best to make sure that your rental property is fully furnished and stocked with most everything that a summer tenant might need.

This is especially important for properties not vacationed in personally by landlords. It’s easy to forget to supply some of the standard home comforts. Clean and relatively new pillows and linens are key, as well as clean mattress covers. While tenants aren’t expecting a hotel resort experience, they also don’t want to use 20 year-old bedding! A fully stocked kitchen is just as important. Not everyone wants to eat out all the time, so make sure there are decent pots and pans, enough silverware and glassware, a bottle opener… you get the picture.

Think Like a Tenant

If you were staying at a summer rental on the beach for an extended period of time, what would you like the property to have? Try to think of things that would make the tenant’s stay more enjoyable. Does your rental have nice outdoor furniture, so your tenants can enjoy the summer weather? Is there a working garden hose or outdoor shower? And how about a BBQ?

These little things add up to a much more enjoyable stay for your tenants. Putting in the work ahead of time will mitigate any complaints you might receive. It’ll also help you find repeat tenants, ensuring that your property is easily rented each season. In the end, providing a quality rental experience is how you can make the most of your investment in that property.