We all know how important a decent education is for our children. It provides a good foundation for their future as adults. One local Margate school achieved national “Blue Ribbon” status last month. But what does this mean and how does it effect our kids?

Tighe Middle School recently achieved Blue Ribbon status, making it the only Margate school (public, private or charter) to receive this distinction.

Margate School Achieves Blue Ribbon Status

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreTighe Middle School became the first middle school in all of Atlantic County to achieve this coveted status. It’s also one of just nine schools in New Jersey’s Department of Education to reach this achievement. And, it marks the only Margate school (private, charter or public) to receive this distinction. This shows how dedicated our Margate school system is to creating a nurturing educational environment for our children.

What is a Blue Ribbon School?

For 35 years, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has analyzed elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the United States (both public and non-public). They look at each school’s academic success as well as how they’ve managed to close any gaps in achievement among subgroups. Student success provides a good barometer for the devotion of the school faculty to the students’ educational career. And, a Blue Ribbon status creates a level of success that all schools across the country wish to achieve.

To be granted a Blue Ribbon status by the US Department of Education, public schools must rank in the top 15% of their state’s test scores in reading and mathematics. When it comes to closing subgroup gaps, these groups must rank within the top 40% of all schools tested in the state. Then, these scores are compared to the previous year’s scores for improvement.

Let’s all give a round of applause to the hard-working students and faculty at Tighe Middle School. Their efforts paid off well. They now provide a shining example of excellence that all other schools in the area can look to for inspiration. Way to go, guys!

Sherri Lilienfeld, Helping You Live Your Jersey Shore Dream