Earlier this year, City officials announced their acquiescence for construction of the Margate Dunes Project amid mounting legal fees to fight it. Then, Absecon Island excavation and extensive rainfall created a huge ponding issue at the beginning of summer. Public safety concerns put the project on hold temporarily. Judge Marie Bumb lifted the hold a week later, with restrictions.  Now, it appears that the Margate Dunes drainage installation could continue into the summer of 2018.

The Army Corps of Engineers recently announced that the Margate Dunes drainage installation could continue into the summer of 2018.

Margate Dunes Drainage Installation

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreOne of the concerns Margate residents and officials raised was access to beaches during the busy summer season. The ponding issue made beach access extremely difficult and unsafe, forcing closures at multiple locations. When you live in a beach community that relies on summer tourism dollars to fill City coffers, this can be damaging.

The Army Corps of Engineering’s solution to preventing future ponding issues involves installing five separate outfall pipes along the shoreline as well as one main pipe along the bulkhead. The outfall pipes guide stormwater runoff directly to the ocean instead of allowing it to puddle and stagnate at the end of city streets.  Margate Dunes drainage will be covered by the dunes and berms set up throughout the project.

Margate Dunes Drainage Delays

Originally, the entire Margate Dunes Project envisaged a completion date of September 2017. Now, they say it may end up taking until the end of 2018 to complete. Why the delays? First, the ponding issues created a slight delay. Now, a harsh hurricane season took its toll on construction materials. Many of the same materials needed for the Margate Dunes drainage project been diverted to recovery efforts in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Work on the outfall pipes may not start until January. Then, they estimate that it might take an entire year to complete.

Updated Margate Dunes Drainage Timeline

Currently, work at the Point should be completed by the end of the year. After that, installation of the outfall pipes begins. They expect three of the five pipes to be installed by May 2018. These represent the largest flooding areas. The final two pipe locations sit near the Margate Pier. Also, minimized construction areas allow for less impact on beach access. However, engineers cannot guarantee a definitive end date at this time.

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