Just last week, I wrote about the temporary hold placed on the Margate Dunes Project at our local beaches.  Officials believed that stagnate water created by sand excavation and heavy rains posed a public safety risk.  Yesterday, Judge Marie Bumb lifted the temporary restraining order, allowing the Margate Dunes Project to continue.

On Aug 10th, a judge lifted the temporary restraining order for construction on the Margate Dunes Project, allowing contractors to continue right away.

Why Allow Continued Work on the Margate Dunes Project?

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreWhile she understands the City’s concerns, Judge Bumb cited concerns about delays in the Margate Dunes Project could domino into bigger problems down the road.  This represents only one portion of a larger project along the Atlantic City shoreline.  The point of the entire project is to create a barrier against destruction caused by hurricanes.  Delaying the Margate Dunes Project pushes other projects in Ventnor and Longport into the hurricane season.  In turn, this puts other Jersey Shore residents in possible jeopardy.

Judges Restrictions on Continuing Berm Construction

In an effort to alleviate some of the public’s fears, Judge Bumb put restrictions in place for continued beach work.  For example, contractors must created elevated walkways for easier beach access.  Then, pond areas must now be fenced off.  Also, all standing water must be pumped out right away.  All this comes at the contractors’ expense, not the City’s.  A City attorney plans to plead their case for continuing the restraining order later this afternoon.

Expect to see Margate Dunes Project construction right away.  The Army Corps of Engineers’ updated schedule shows work planned at the Jackson Avenue beach on Saturday, August 12th.  Unless something changes this afternoon, bulldozers join sunbathers at the beach this weekend.  Be prepared.


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