Some people choose the Jersey Shore to live year round.  Others decide it’s the perfect vacation destination.  During the summer especially, the population of most Jersey Shore towns swell by thousands.  You decide to invest in a second home here to capitalize on the tourist population as well as a possible vacation home for yourself.  You’ll probably need someone to watch your property while you’re not there.  So, why should you hire a property management company for your Jersey Shore home?  It just makes good dollars and sense.

Why should you hire a property management company? Collecting rents, screening potential tenants & knowledge of landlord/tenant laws to name a few reasons.

Why Hire a Property Management Company?


Nowadays, who has the time to keep up with their primary residence, let alone a second home?  A property management company screens potential renters. They run background checks as well as credit checks.  Then, they take care of any complaints that may arise from renters.  Finally, they collect rent and any deposits required.  Do you have the time to do this?


Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreDo you live in Princeton, Newark or Paterson?  That’s a long way to go if an emergency arises at your second Jersey Shore home.  A local property management company can handle any emergency that arises.  They act on your behalf.  That means they get the call at 2 am from a frantic tenant rather than you.  Also, they often either have in-house maintenance staff or work with local contractors to get the situation under control quickly, efficiently and most cost effectively.


Not only does a good property management company handle current tenants, they also provide marketing to find your next renter.  Since they are local, they know how to cater advertising to appeal to the market.  You’ll never have to worry about a vacant property when you have the next renter already lined up.


Do you know all the laws regarding landlords and tenants?  A reputable property management company should.  For example, they know whether or not you are legally allowed to evict an unruly tenant.  They also know what information must be disclosed to potential tenants before a lease is signed.  A property management company can tell you how much of  security deposit you are legally allowed to charge and what time frame you have to return it upon vacating.  This is their business.  Any property management company worth their salt can answer these questions for you.

Interview several different property management companies before settling on one.  Research their reputation ahead of time.  Talk to local renters and your Jersey Shore REALTOR@ to see who they recommend.  You can start by  contacting Apex Property Management  as your first stop for your interview.  You can also search the Business Directory at the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against them.  The more thorough your homework, the better chance you’ll have of finding a great property management company to take care of your second Jersey Shore home.


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