Lower costs, less maintenance, a lower down payment and added amenities are just a few of the benefits of owning a Jersey Shore condo instead of a home.You love the Jersey Shore.  You and your family have spent many summers here.  Now is a great time to buy.  Worried about the cost and upkeep of a single-family home?  Have you considered condos?  There are several benefits of owning a Jersey Shore condo instead of single-family home.

Benefits of Owning a Jersey Shore Condo

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreThe cost and maintenance of a home might scare off some First Time Buyers. But they’re tired of renting.  For the older generation, retirement looms on the horizon.  They’re empty nesters looking to downsize.  Others need a weekend getaway or want to spend the summer at the beach.  A Jersey Shore condo fits nicely into all scenarios.

Lower Down Payment Required

One of the biggest obstacles Buyers face when buying a home is the down payment.  For First Time Buyers, it feels especially daunting.  They don’t have any profit from a previous sale to utilize.  With a Jersey Shore condo, you most likely need less money down to get a loan.  That’s because the cost of a Jersey Shore condo tends to be much less than a single-family home.  For Buyers looking to downsize, you might not have to put all your profit from your previous sale down on the new property.  That leaves extra to spend on renovations, retirement, travel or anything else you desire.

Less Maintenance

Jersey Shore condos occupy a much smaller footprint.  A smaller home means less maintenance.  No more mowing lawns, repairing roofs or fixing cracks in the driveway.  HOA fees typically cover groundskeeping and building maintenance.  Also, many condo buildings offer fantastic amenities such as pools, gyms, tennis courts and recreational activities.  This is all included in your HOA fees.  This is really great if this Jersey Shore condo is your weekend or summer getaway.  You don’t have to worry about the upkeep while you are gone.  It’s ready for you when you get back.

Lower Costs

No one enjoys paying utility bills.  However, with a Jersey Shore condo, they cost less than a large single-family home.  Why?  The smaller footprint.  The savings you receive here could help fill the coffers for a bigger Jersey Shore home down the line.  That’s helpful for new property owners.

When you’re ready to start looking at Jersey Shore condos, please feel free to contact me.  Not sure where to look?  There are some great summer rentals available right now.  This can help you decide on a permanent location without the commitment of a purchase.  Besides, a summer rental gives you plenty of time to look around without feeling rushed.  I’d love to hear from you.  Call me now!


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