Recently, officials released their latest Margate Dunes Project news.  After years of legal wrangling, the City of Margate finally gave up the fight against the dunes project.  They believe the mounting legal fees would be better spent elsewhere.  The NJ Department of Environmental Protection and the US Army Corps of Engineers tell Margate residents to expect partial beach closures this summer.  That’s because construction is slated along the Margate shoreline from June to August.

Margate Dunes Project news won't make summer rental owners or business people very happy. Construction will bring partial beach closures this summer.

Margate Dunes Project News

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreFor years, New Jersey has been talking about constructing a system of dunes all along its coastline.  Proponents of the project say that the dunes will help protect our inland areas from flood damage like we saw during Hurricane Sandy.   Opponents argue that they wouldn’t allow any water that reaches beyond the dunes to naturally go back out to sea.  This, in turn, could create a problem for flooding in some areas.  Also, standing water provides a breeding ground for bacteria build up and diseases.

As if the green lighting of the project wasn’t hurtful enough for opponents, the announced schedule of construction really brought it home.  The Army Corps expects to be building up the dunes during the peak summer months in Margate: from the end of June to the end of August.  Throughout the construction schedule, 1000 foot sections of the beach will be closed at a time.  Once that section is finished, it will roll on to the next 1000 feet.  And so on and so on until completed.

As you can imagine, this Margate Dunes Project news doesn’t make business owners happy.  They are worried that the closures will keep visitors away, seriously damaging their bottom line during prime beach time.  Summer rental owners also worry about the possibility of lost revenue.

NJDEP Coastal Engineering Construction Timeline

Margate’s beaches aren’t the only ones affected by the dunes project.  First, construction of dunes from Atlantic City to Longport takes place from the middle of next month to late June.  Then, it hits our Margate beaches.  Finally, Ventnor receives its share from September to October.  The US Army Corps of Engineers said that they set up the schedule based on availability of crews and equipment.

How do you feel about the latest Margate Dunes Project news?  Are you for the project or against it?  Why?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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