FEMA recently announced their updated Jersey Shore V Zones maps that have considerably changed since their initial release after Hurricane Sandy.As I discussed in my March 2013 post, Jersey Shore floods maps are not written in stone.  Due to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy wreaked on the Jersey Shore, FEMA initially released extremely conservative flood zone map rezoning recommendations.  This took many Jersey Shore homeowners out of the A zone (where homes are susceptible to flooding) and into the V zone (where flooding is so likely that homes must be built on pilings).  That would cost thousands more dollars in rebuilding for each homeowner found in the new V zone.  Fortunately, FEMA recently announced updated Jersey Shore V zones.

I received a fax from the New Jersey General Assembly dated July 12, 2013.  In it, the NJGA office informed me that FEMA heard the concerns that were raised and has considerably downsized the V zones in Atlantic County.  To find out what your base flood elevation is on your Jersey Shore home, FEMA offers their BFE Address Lookup Tool.  Simply plug in your address and click “Get Details”.  The BFE tool will then give you information on and links to the best flood hazard information for your home, what the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is for your property, what flood zone your Jersey Shore home falls in and estimated ground elevation.

Use FEMA's Base Flood Elevation Address Lookup Tool to see if your Jersey Shore home falls in the updated flood prone

This is fantastic news for Jersey Shore homeowners who were waiting to find out what the updated flood zone maps would look like before they began rebuilding their homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  However, even these aren’t set in stone yet.  All Jersey Shore residents will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns at any of the upcoming Open Houses that FEMA will be hosting in the area.  If you want to be notified when and where these Open Houses will be, please email the New Jersey General Assembly office or call Assemblyman John F Amodeo or Assemblyman Chris A Brown directly at (609) 677-8266.

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