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“Wastin’ away again” in Atlantic City… comes Margaritaville!!

A “Margaritaville” complex, inspired by singer Jimmy Buffett’s hit song that celebrates the island culture, will be coming to the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City as early as next spring, officials said Tuesday in a beach-themed press conference on the Boardwalk.

“Simply put, it’s a pleasure and an honor to be here. I feel kind of like Nucky Thompson in a way,” said Buffett, referencing the Atlantic City political boss in the show “Boardwalk Empire.”

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How to Buy the Most Vacation Home for Your Money

You’re neither rich nor poor, and you’re ready to buy your first vacation home. You look around. All those homes on the market! All seemingly priced out of reach!
Cheer up. You’re not alone. With some solid real estate counseling and some help from lenders and/or sellers and others, you can not only get your toe in the door, but you can own the house too. It just takes some creativity, a few inside tips and a bit of homework.

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Location – The Most Important Questions Every Second Home Buyer Should Ask

It’s a maxim in real estate that the three most crucial factors in selecting a home are “location, location, location.” It’s also true! No matter how wonderful the home is, the location is key to how well you’ll like living in it and how well it sells when you’re ready to move on. Before you buy, carefully check the following factors to be sure the home you like is really the one you want to live in.