Selling your home quickly at the best price isn’t difficult if you pay attention to the following essential tips:

  • Hire a real estate professional with experience. I’ve been around for a while and know what your local real estate market is doing. I have the experience and expertise to market your home to get it sold for the best possible price.
  • Don’t chase the market. Sales prices from two months ago, even two weeks ago, are history. What buyers are willing to pay for homes today is based on today’s factors alone.
  • Price under your competition. If you want offers and action on your home, price your home lower than the competition’s prices. You’ll likely sell quickly for at least list price — possibly more, if multiple bids come in.
  • Make your home shine. If there are a number of foreclosures and short sales in your area, make sure your home is picture-perfect and move-in ready in comparison to distressed homes.
  • Know what your home’s issues are ahead of time. Get a home inspection done before you list your property for sale. Take the time and energy to address all the issues that need repair or replacement before your buyer finds them.
  • Be careful with negotiations. I’ll assist you in crafting attractive counter offers to buyers, if needed, but consider the holding costs (mortgage payment, insurance, utilities, hassle, etc.) of holding out for an extra few thousand dollars versus accepting the offer in-hand and selling quickly.
  • Offer incentives. If you want buyers to consider your home above the rest, throw in extras that other sellers may not offer. Prime items are larger things you may not want to move to your new home or that may not fit there, such as a backyard children’s play set, a patio/deck set, garden tools, a lawn tractor or mower, area rugs or window treatments, a pool table, piano, etc.
  • Be flexible. Buyers may need more time to get their home loan closed with today’s tighter requirements. Focus on getting to closing/settlement with your buyer, no matter what the date.
  • Ask around. If you’ve lived in your home for even a short time, you may know others who want to live in it! Ask all your friends, relatives and coworkers if they know anyone looking to buy your home.
  • Stress the positives. You’ve lived in your home and you know how great it is. Create a flyer, poster or photo album to leave in your home for showings and open houses outlining all the great amenities of your home and neighborhood. Include proximity to parks, jobs, schools, shopping, recreation areas, etc. Highlight energy-saving features, how new the systems are, remodeled/updated elements of your home (date and contractor). Buyers will appreciate the complete picture you provide! 

 Busy Time Of Year? — I’m Always Here For You. . . .
During this time of year — filled with friends, family and festivities — don’t forget about your home buying and selling needs. I am here to provide advice to make sure you are able to make the best real estate decisions for your situation — any time of year. Feel free to contact me in complete confidence. I’d love to hear from you to help you find your Jersey Shore Dream home!

Please call me directly on my cell at (609) 287-1795 or send me an e-mail at to learn more about buying or selling your Jersey Shore Property.

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