Jersey Shore Memorial Day Events 2017

For many people, this holiday weekend means extra time spent with family.  But what do you do with this time?  Go to a parade?  Enjoy a barbecue?  Visit the Boardwalk?  Several Jersey Shore Memorial Day events 2017 are scheduled between now and Monday.  You don’t have to worry about having nothing to do over the next three days.

So many Jersey Shore Memorial Day Events 2017 are scheduled this weekend. Make sure you take a moment to remember those we lost fighting for our freedom.

Jersey Shore Memorial Day Events 2017

Atlantic City

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreResorts Casino Hotel (AC Boardwalk) – How will you be kicking off the Memorial Day weekend?  How about with a Beach Ball Drop at AC’s Resorts Casino Hotel?  The party starts at 10am today and continues throughout the entire weekend.  WMGM and WAYV broadcast their radio show from the resort all day long.  Try your luck with boardwalk games and contests.  Several giveaways are planned throughout the holiday weekend.  DJs play at Bar One.  An actual beach ball drop takes place at 5pm tonight.  Don’t miss the BMX sweepstakes on Sunday or the Cash Dash on Monday.  Free self-parking for the entire weekend.

Eggs Harbor Township

Eggs Harbor Township Memorial Day Parade – EHT’s parade begins at 9am on Monday at Diamond Drive.  The parade heads west on Zion to Ocean Heights.  It eventually ends at Veterans’ Memorial Park.  Don’t miss the color guard and marching units that are part of the parade.


Linwood Memorial Day Parade – This parade begins at 10am on Monday.  The parade path runs from Shore Rd and Poplar Ave to All Wars Memorial Park.


Margate Memorial Day Parade – The parade begins at 10am on Monday at City Hall and continues on to the All Wars Memorial located at Ventnor and Mansfield.  After the parade concludes, a short memorial ceremony and laying of the wreath takes place at the memorial.  The public is invited to the Log Cabin for refreshments and entertainment afterwards.  For fun, there will be a decorated strollers and bike contest at the Log Cabin as well.  If the weather decides not to cooperate, the memorial ceremony will take place at the Margate Municipal Building’s gym.

Ocean City

Ocean City Boy Scout Troop 32 Clothing Drive (Island Auto Repair, 713 Haven Ave) – When spring cleaning your Jersey Shore home, did you find that you just had too much stuff?  Bring any new or gently used clothing item, accessories, shoes, hats or even stuffed animals to Island Auto Repair tomorrow.

Ocean City Lodge 171 Pancake Breakfast (940 Wesley Ave) – From 8am to 11am on Saturday, the Masons host their annual Memorial Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast.  Tickets cost just $8 per adult and $6 for kids ages 12 and under.  Proceeds from the breakfast benefit the lodge’s Building Renovation Fund.


Historic Smithville Car Cruise (615 E Moss Mill Rd) – From 5pm to 8pm tonight, catch a blast from the past with some classic cars.  If you’ve got one to show off, bring it along.  Listen to classic oldies while learning about these gorgeous vehicles from the owners themselves.  While you’re here, pick up a bite to eat and stop by any of the 60 boutiques and shops located in Historic Smithville.

Somers Point

Somers Point Memorial Day Parade – The parade begins at 11am.  Participants begin their march at Dawes Ave School.  After turning onto Shore Rd, the parade ends at Patriot Park.  After the parade is over, a short ceremony will be held to honor the veterans of all wars at the park.


Memorial Day Parade and Candlelight Vigil (Wildwood Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall) – Beginning at 7:30pm on Monday, come watch the parade as it makes its way from Oak and Atlantic to the veterans memorial.  A special candlelight vigil will be held at the conclusion of the parade in a fitting tribute to our fallen heroes.

Wildwood Crest

Two Mile Landing Marina (1 Fish Dock Rd) – Do you love history? Learn all about Christopher Columbus’ adventures on board actual replicas of the Nina and the Pinta.  They’re already docked.  They’ll be here through Monday evening.  But they set sail early Tuesday morning.  So don’t miss your chance to see these amazing vessels in person.  Tickets cost just $8 per adult, $7 for seniors, $6 for kids ages 5 to 16 and FREE for anyone under 5 years old.

Whichever one of these Jersey Shore Memorial Day Events 2017 you choose to attend, don’t forget the reason for the holiday.  Take a moment of silence to remember those brave men and women who fought for our country’s freedom.  And remember to thank any military man or women you see.  They deserve our respect.


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Pros and Cons of Owning a Multi-Family Jersey Shore Home

Housing demand remains high even while supply shrinks.  This extends to rental properties as well.  If you are in the market for a new home, you may want to consider buying a multi-family property.  However, there are both pros and cons of owning a multi-family Jersey Shore home that should be considered first.

There are several pros and cons of owning a multi-family Jersey Shore home that you should consider before purchasing. Weigh your options first.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Multi-Family Jersey Shore Home

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreWhen I say “multi-family home”, I mean anything from a duplex to several units in one building.  If you’ve never owned a multi-family property before, I suggest that don’t take on more than two to four units.  You occupy one unit while you rent out the other(s).  This can prove beneficial as well as problematic.  It’s up to you to weigh the pros and the cons.

Pros of Owning a Multi-Family Jersey Shore Home

One of the pros of owning a multi-family Jersey Shore home involves the financing.  Believe it or not, getting a mortgage on a multi-family home could prove easier than its single-family counterpart.  How?  The potential rental income factors into the equation.  The rent from the other units also assists in covering most if not all of your mortgage, taxes and insurance when fully occupied.

Don’t have 25% to put down?  As long as you occupy one of the units as your primary residence, you might qualify for a mortgage loan with as little as 3.5% down.  That’s because it can be financed as your own home instead of an additional investment property.  Therefore, you potentially qualify for an FHA, VA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan.  These programs allow you to include as much as 75% of rental income in qualifying for your mortgage loan.  But that is only the case if you utilize one unit as your primary residence.  Also, the rental income generated from your tenants helps you pay down your mortgage and build equity faster.

Cons of Owning a Multi-Family Jersey Shore Home

Since this will be your primary residence, you will be in constant, close contact with your tenants.  One way to combat this is to hire a property management company to act as your “go-between”.  For a small percentage of the rent, they become your tenants’ contact for any problems that might arise.  Your tenants won’t even have to know that you’re their landlord unless you want them to.  Even so, as the owner, you need to address any repairs or replacements right away.  Also, you are ultimately responsible for paying the mortgage…even if you have vacant units.  Utilities cost more in a multi-family unit than a single-family home as well.

All in all, it is up to you to weigh the factors before deciding whether or not you want to own a multi-family Jersey Shore home.  All expenses lie entirely on your shoulders.  However, other people could help you build equity in your own home.  Talk to a Jersey Shore REALTOR@ or financial adviser today.


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Jersey Shore Mortgage Loans: Which One Works Best for You?

You want to purchase a Jersey Shore home.  Smart Buyers get their financing together before they even start looking for a property.  After all, you’re going to want an approval letter ready to go when you make an offer.  FHA.  VA.  Conventional.  Adjustable rate.  Fixed rate.  How do you know which Jersey Shore mortgage loans work best for you?  I’ve provided a bit of a primer below to help you navigate these terms and narrow down your choice.

Adjustable rate, fixed rate. FHA, VA or conventional. When it comes to Jersey Shore mortgage loans, which one works best for you?

Jersey Shore Mortgage Loans

Government-Backed Loans

Search homes for sale at the Jersey ShoreDon’t have a large down payment?  Is your FICO score only “so-so”?  Did you previously serve or are you currently serving your country in the armed forces?  Are you a first-time Buyer (haven’t owned a home in the last three years)?  The Jersey Shore mortgage loans you might want to consider are FHA or VA loans.  FHA loans tend to be popular with first-time home buyers.  You can purchase a home with as little as 3.5% down as long as your credit score is at least 580.  If it’s a little lower, you may have to put 10% of the purchase price down.  The down side of not putting 20% down is that you still have to pay mortgage insurance (PMI).

VA loans serve those who served/are serving our country.  Whether you served in the military in the past, actively do so today or are a military family, you may qualify for a VA loan.  Qualifying applicants forgo any down payment and never pay mortgage insurance.  You’ve definitely earned it.  If you fit the criteria, this is your best bet.  Several restrictions on the type of home you can buy come into play with a VA loan.  So, talk with your mortgage broker to find out what they are before you start looking at Jersey Shore homes.

Conventional Loans

Unlike FHA or VA loans, conventional loans are not backed by the government.  Most Buyers choose these Jersey Shore mortgage loans because they offer better interest rates and terms.  This translates into a lower payment.  To qualify, you must have good credit (at least 620 FICO).  Also, you need to show a stable income.  This includes a stable work history (at least two years at your current job is preferable) as well as lower debt-to-income ratio.  When it comes to your mortgage payment, it should not exceed 28% of your gross monthly household income.  That includes taxes and interest.  Your overall debt (new mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, auto loans, credit cards, student loans, etc.) should not exceed 36% of your gross monthly household income to be considered desirable as a conventional loan applicant by the mortgage company.

Adjustable Rate (ARM) vs Fixed Rate Mortgages

When it comes to the rates for Jersey Shore mortgage loans, there are two choices: adjustable and fixed rate.  With fixed rate loans, your interest rate stays the same for the life of the loan.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a 10, 15 or 30 year mortgage, the rate remains the same throughout.  Adjustable rate loans fluctuate.  Initially, an ARM tends to be lower than fixed rate loans.  That can help make the transition into home ownership a little easier for some.  However, it can change from year to year, depending on which ARM you choose.  Talk to your mortgage broker or financial adviser to determine which works best for you.


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